Time to Post.

We are posting the postcards.world pic
Today. And Tomorrow.
I like to try and visualise their journey across the globe.
Flying on planes to the far curves of the globe…

All the photos from Awesome Festival are up here.
I’d like to point out that there are probably a few mistakes.
Because we’re human.
Some may have missed being photographed, some have duplicate numbers, some are a little fuzzy.
But we hope it doesn’t stop any being replied to or the scale of the project.
Keep your eyes peeled for replies.
We’ll do some posts each week linking to the replies we get.

Till then…

xx alex.

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One response to “Time to Post.

  1. Just seen this and realised how long ago they were posted! I found ours (321) this morning, 29th April 2014, in our display rack for publicity flyers – I wonder how long it had been there! Hope little Will gets our reply!
    Rachel & the MDi team
    Hope St, Liverpool, UK

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