Another 48 hours and we have all this…

I did say I would only post every week. But this is too many not to post.
Here is a list of all the responses we’ve had since my last post:
#303 is now on a fridge & #719 on a mantle piece.
#693, #207 & #76 & #534 all  got a lovely long replies.
#218 & #664 & #220 & #114 are short but sweet.
Hayley’s response to #610 has been written with much thought.
#557 has got an answer to his statement.
#341 discusses dinosaur & animals in Canberra.
#161 I think brought out their inner child & we’re particularly happy about that.

I also wanted to show you all the numbers of people that have looked up the website from all over the world.
It is quite a lot:
day 2 map holga

xx alex.




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