Dear Hope Street is an interactive installation and workshop for children and adults by Alex Desebrock from Maybe (___) Together.

In Dear Hope Street children google street view a “Hope St” home somewhere in the world. Children choose and draw a picture of a house they like on the front of the postcard and write to them on the back.
All postcards are photographed and placed on-line here before being posted.

Alex asks children to sit in the grey space of a question. Is google streetview a good or bad thing? Is it a way to create connection and empathy with other places, or is it a breach on our privacy? She still doesn’t know.

Alex is interested in empowering children to think big and connecting their voices with strangers.

This is a gift.

Like a message in a bottle – we will sit and wait and hope for a reply…



Creative Commons License
Dear Hope Street by Alex Desebrock is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at www.dearhopestreet.com.

26 responses to “About

  1. Heather

    I just think this is brilliant! What a wonderful idea. I will hold my breath to hear of returned letters from the people of Hope Street.

  2. Thanks Heather. We do too! Fingers crossed…x

  3. We woidl love to be involved in writing letters to hope street. how can we go about this?

  4. we have a hope street locally and would love to write leters to the residents of hope street new town tasmania.

  5. Natalie Pearton

    How can I see which address my daughter wrote to, or do I find out when we get a reply? She sent one on a school excursion so I wasn’t there to find out the details. It sounds like such a cool idea. I have her postcard number and are waiting to see if we get a reply.

    • Hi Natalie,
      If you go to the “Awesome” page you should find the postcard (there is a link in top banner on right). They are sorted in number order. If you can’t let me know the number and I’ll send you the link.
      X Alex

  6. Fiona

    We got one! It’s a fun activity for the children.

  7. bruce

    I forgot to tell you that on the backside of the house we have pannels for waterheating

  8. sann goren

    lucky enough to receive a postcard and will be replying

  9. What a fabulous surprise in the mail at work today…on this very cold, snowy New England day ! My card made it to me in Bristol, RI USA !!! I responded to Fletcher from Austraila immediately!!! What an amazing and inspirational lesson for your students ! Can’t wait to read others replies as well!!!

  10. Not only does my friend who received one live on Hope St. It’s in HOPE, BC CANADA too! Great project! I’m so glad I got to see this surprise.

  11. Quinn

    I think this is an awesome idea!!!

  12. Jim Bolger

    Thank you for involving us (albeit unknowingly but still willingly) in this amazing project.

  13. Renae

    Where do you get your postcards from? And do you search up a street called hope in the world.

  14. Mónika Pásztor

    This project is a wonderful idea. Cheers up the senders and recievers as well. Receiving a postcard from the other part of the world made me happy and hopeful. Kids are talented; and I believe this project helps them to be recognised and appreciated.
    Thank you for this adventure,

  15. rhonda

    What a great Idea. I am an art teacher working in a support unit in a high school.

  16. Tracey

    I count myself as very lucky – as we received a Postcard today!! With a perfect drawing of my home!!! I will treasure my postcard – thinking of copying the back of it and then framing the front & back in a picture frame and hanging in our home!

    What a wonderful idea – will leave my message to my Artist xxx

  17. Christine

    It was such an honour to be a part of this project, we will treasure our postcard sent to our newly purchased first home. I love that children get the opportunity to reflect on whether streetview is good or bad. I feel that in all things, good can be made from potential bad, as has been done within your art project. It is a great way to connect with others around the world. I hope you get many replies! We have replied to our sender :)

  18. sandra murphy

    Revived your card Olivia

  19. MEG

    I am sorry can someone help how do i know if someone ha replied to my child all I have is there Postcard #

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