2 responses to “#1898

  1. Patrick Loviton

    Hello Eliza, imagine our surprise, receiving a postal card from Australia. I’m very happy that you like our house. I’m a bite surprised about how you manage to find that particular house in the middle of thousands of others. In this house there is a Dad, myself, Patrick, and a Mom, Anne and 2x kids: Luc, a boy, 13 years old, and a girl, Marion, 18 years old. Was about to forget, there is also a she dog living there, name’s Jaja. If it was regular email, I could send you a photo of Jaja. Maybe later if we can find a way. What about you emailing us a picture of your house or your school? Where in Australia is your school?
    Just for fun, the same, but in French now:
    Bonjour Eliza, imagine notre surprise, une carte postale d’Australie! Je suis très content que tu aimes notre maison. Je suis un peu surpris que tu ais pu la trouver parmi des milliers d’autres. Dans cette maison il ya un papa, moi-même, Patrick, une maman, Anne et deux enfants: Luc, un garçon, treize ans, et une fille, Marion, dix-huit ans. J’oubliais presque, il y a aussi une chienne. Son nom est Jaja. Si c’était une email normal, je joindrais une photo de Jaja. Peut-être plus tard si nous trouvons un moyen. Crois tu que tu puisses nous envoyer une photo de ta maison, ou bien de ton école? Ou est ton école en Australie?

    Super idea those postal card and Google earth….

    Have a good day.

    Here it is late evening. So it is time for me to go sleeping. Hope to hear from you. Bonsoir.

  2. Eliza

    dear Patrick,Anne,Luc and Marion,
    Thank you for the response.I am sorry for responding very late. My school is in Perth it is near a river called The Swan River. This term in french we are learning how to say different french breakfast food. At the end of the term in two weeks we are having a french breakfast, we will have to speak in french to ask for the food. My email is:
    Now I am 11 years old. I hope to hear from you soon

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