2 responses to “#1895

  1. Laura Arnold

    Hi Anika,

    I am sorry it has taken so long to reply. Thank you for your lovely postcode. It made me smile! Thank you for choosing my house, which I only moved into this year. I am currently decorating all the rooms inside. It is good living in the UK, but the weather can be rather miserable. Today it is grey and wet! What is it like living in Australia? I have never been, but one day I hope to. I have family living in Adelaide.

    Have a good day.

    Best wishes, Laura

  2. Anika

    dear Laura,
    I hope you like your new home.Do you have any children if so how old are they? In Australia it is cold and wet in winter, in summer the sun never stops shinning and it is really hot, some times it gets to 32 degrees!,in spring baby animals and flowers come out. I live in Perth western Australia. Do you have any pets? thank you for responding,and I hope you have a great day and its ok that you replied late.
    from Anika

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