One response to “#821

  1. cyndi

    Hi guys,
    Sorry for the late reply!
    Thanks so much for the lovely postcard.
    We were really excited to receive it and keep it on our fridge.
    It was really a treat to find it in our mailbox.
    Luke, your drawing looks just like our house. You both did such a great job!
    We are a family of four living in this house plus our guinea pig, named Guinee.
    My name is Cyndi and I am the mom. I have two sons. Zackeri is 6 and Xyler is 4. Jeff is their dad.
    Xyler thinks it’s especially cool that Xavier has an X name too since those are quite rare and special!
    We have lived in this house for 5 years and have no plans to move. We love living on Hope Street in Toronto, Ontario, Hope you are settling in well to your new home in Sydney.
    All the best and thanks again for the awesome postcard!

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