10 responses to “#798

  1. Jim and Cheryl Miller

    Hi Alice! We are Jim and Cheryl. How cool is this! You draw a picture of our house from the other side of the world without actually being here. We freaked out when we received it. You are very good at drawing. We were impressed. Your drawing capture the beauty of our home. Hope your home is as comfy.

  2. Alice

    Hey Jim and Cheryl! Thanks for replying. I wasn’t sure if anyone would!!! Whats it like there in Minnesota?
    Its very hot here in Australia. From Alice.

    • Jim and Cheryl Miller

      Hi Alice, were in the middle of winter right now. We are the opposite of you weather wise. Just came in from walking the dog. It’s -3 f. Tonights low is going to be -13f. I have to wear 3 layers of winter gear with a goose down parka. If you smile outside, your smile freezes. Its unbelievable. But our summers are usually hot, just not very long. About 2 months. Just when your bored with the season, it changes. Tell us a little about yourself. Jim and Cheryl

      • Alice

        Hey! What type of dog do you have? I have a cavoodle who’s 3 years old. His name is Pippin and hes the cutest thing ever! Wow! It sounds really cold there. I have an older sister called Georgina and shes pretty cool! My favorite movies are the Avengers and The Hunger Games. Whats yours? From Alice

  3. Jim and Cheryl Miller

    Hi Alice, been really busy lately. We have 2 dogs and a cat. We have a chocolate lab named Charlie, a dachshund chihuahua mix named Neo and a gray and white cat named Oscar. Our daughter Emily also has 2 cats, so when she is home from college, we have 5 animals roaming the house. It’s pretty crazy. We also have 2 grown sons named Ryan and David. We like a lot of different movies, most of which are comedies. It’s hard to pick my favorites. What do you do for fun?

    • Alice

      I like to write stories and read. I also like to listen to music. My favourite colour is green! :) Whats’s yours? Have you ever met any famous celebrities?? I’ve always wanted to meet one!
      From Alice!

  4. Jim and Cheryl Miller

    Hi Alice, hope you are doing well. Winters grip is finally ending here. All the snow has melted. Is it still hot down there? Your summer must be almost over. We have never met any celebrities. They usually don’t come to Minnesota unless a movie is being filmed here. We would like to see the picture that goggle took of our house. Just curious.

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