One response to “#1265

  1. Hello. Your postcard got a response on the Awesome Page. So have copied and pasted below.
    x Alex

    Dear Louis
    I got postcard number 827
    I live on Håbets alle 2
    9900 Frederikshavn
    You have painted my house with beutifulli flowers, nice bicykles and my home.

    I also got postcard number 1265
    With no name on it, but a beutifulli picture of my home, and i can see that you have been doing your very best.
    There is also a whale painting in the heaven :))
    I smiled when i got both your postcard.
    I think it is a very good idea.
    you both are very velcome to mail me.

    Have a beutiful day with lots of love
    Liselotte Bisgård

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