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  1. Translation: C’était moi en tentant de me présenter en français. Je viens juste de commencer son apprentissage comme matière à l’école secondaire alors je te demande de m’excuser pour les erreurs. Cela faisait partie d’un exercice à la bibliothèque. Je souhaite que tu répondes. Salut, Raff!


    Hello! Excuse-me to write to you so late, I was so exited to answer you, that everyday I asked at my parents to write to you but everyday my parents told me “tomorrow”. My name is Mathilda, I will have 13 in August. I’ve bruns eyes and brun hair. I like sports too but I love climbing. I’ve a little brother.

    Sinon ce n’est pas grave pour tes erreurs, tout le monde en fait, et puis je suis sure que moi aussi j’en ai fait dans mon texte en Anglais. Je suis ravie de faire ta connaissance et j’espère qu’on va pouvoir ce parler a l’avenir, in French or in English. Bye Raff!

  3. Rafferty Sullivan-LLewellyn

    Hi Mathilda!
    Sorry about the late reply I was happy I got a response my brother and sister didn’t . We hadn’t checked for ages.
    What sports do you play? I play cricket, Australian football, volleyball and basketball. What do you mean when you say climbing – is it rock climbing?
    How old is your brother? I have 1 brother and 1 sister. They are 8 and 10 years old. Their names are Finlay and Ruby.
    Do you learn English at school? I started French this year and I have improved a bit since I wrote that letter. At the moment we are working on conjugating regular and irregular verbs.
    I haven’t ever been to France but it looks great. My dad is going there for a work conference soon.
    Hope you can reply.
    Happy birthday!
    Bye Raff

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