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  1. Dear Maddie, our names are Leon & Jo-Anne & we have only our dog a Malty-x called Jessie with us & she is white. I am a retired Army Officer & my wife is a book keeper. We have lived in Hope Street for 7 years. I work twice a year on P&O ships as a lecturer. I tell all the passengers about how ships were built in the days of Captain Cook. I tell them about his voyages and how he came to Australia. I tell them all about Mathew Flinders and all the places in Australia he visited. If you want to see my web site and see what I like to do go to http://www.leongriffiths.net. We can talk again through this site if you want to. Good bye my new friend from WA and thank you for your picture of my house. You draw very well!
    Hello Maddie, I am Leon’s wife Jo-Anne (formally Josephine-Anne). As Leon mentioned, I am a book-keeper, however I am starting out on my writing career, and will give up work next year, in the hope of becoming a successful author.
    Look out for my business page on Facebook “Josephine Anne Griffiths”
    I love the picture that you drew of our house. One day Leon and I would love to travel to WA, hopefully by train.

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