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  1. Mrs Valerie Porter

    Hi ,
    I was delighted to receive your postcard at lunchtime today. Your drawing was very good and looks exactly like my house.
    Our Hope Street is a long street that starts at the bottom of a hill and my house is right at the top although the street goes a little way beyond along the flat top of the hill. It was named Hope Street after a whaling ship from 1880. A few of our streets take their names from the whaling days. I am so glad we don’t hunt whales now though.
    When I was young our family lived in Sydney, Australia but we returned to our home town when I was a teenager. Today I am so glad we did as I was playing in the first snow of the season with my 3 year old Granddaughter. There was just enough snow to make footprints in but not enough to make a snowman with yet. However more snow is forecast for tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for your card.
    Regards, Valerie

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