One response to “#630

  1. Francesca

    Hello Lebron!

    When I found your postcard in the mailbox and I understood what the whole project is about I couldn’t stop my emotion! I’m Francesca, 25 years old, and I live in that house tha you drew with my mum, my dad and my brother, Riccardo. He’s 20 years old.
    You’re really good in drawing! Your picture is really similar to our orange house!
    I hope you will have a great Christmas – here it’s cloudy today, and very cold too, 0°C! I hope to see the snow for Christmas. And I hope that Santa will bring a lot of great presents for you! Have you sent your little letter to him?

    Getting your postcard was a big gift for us, the best gift for our Christmas.
    We’ll keep your card forever, thank you so much!

    Have an happy life you too!

    Francesca and her family

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