4 responses to “#337

  1. G Harvey

    Dear Awesome – yes your card was a huge surprise and we love your drawing of our home. I moved to Canberra with my two youngest sons after their mother died following a long battle with cancer. For some time I didn’t think we would ever find the right house to re-build our family. After much searching however we discovered our little house on Hope Street. I took the name of the street as a sign that after such sadness we would find joy and happiness here. We know that there are many people, both in Australia and around the world, who do not have a warm house and food in the pantry as we do and we are very grateful for our life here on Hope Street. Thank you for your card and I hope you had a lot of fun working on this project. Best wishes to you and your family.

  2. Danielle Eitzen

    Oh wow…how touching. This project sure touched a nerve with so many people. I have only caught snippets as I missed this event. I absolutely love how events souch as these can tap into the feelings, and create a new consciuosness through interactive arts. Amazing & AWESOME !!!!
    D Eitzen
    Visual Arts Teacher Perth

  3. kershawcc

    Dear Harvey Family, I am sorry that you have waited so long for a response to your reply. We had so much fun as family, being involved with this project We even came back on a second day so we could do another postcard. When we did it we were checking in often and then the check in cards were lost in the piles that sit on the bench……Today we were CLEANING THE HOUSE ready for Christmas and we checked all the cards we could find and we had no replies…..we were a bit sad so we decided to check out replies that had come in to other postcards. Then we saw your photo and that there were replies from Canberra……We were very touched by your reply and then it was our turn to be surprised….as when we saw the picture we realised it was our postcard and we did have a reply after all.
    My Daughter Celeste who is 11 found your house on Google maps and she liked it so we chose your house. Celeste had a broken wrist at the time so i was her scribe. It was wonderful to see all the children working with their families, sitting on picnic rugs writing postcards all over the world. We had just been to Canberra on a school trip so Celeste was very keen to write to Hope Street in Canberra. I remember Celeste saying ” you must always have hope living on Hope Street” I am sure that Celeste would have drawn a better picture than I did!. We we sad to hear of your loss and hope that you have found your new home to be a great place to grow love and your family. We are travelling to New Zealand in January to meet with family and to scatter Celeste’s Grandfather’s ashes as it was his wish when he died December last year.
    We also agree that being grateful is important there are people close by and all over the world who need our help and kindness.

    We live in Dianella a Suburb of Perth there are five of us, dad, Chris, Mum Cheryl, Giselle and Celeste. Warwick is our older son and he lives with us sometimes. We have a dog called Baci.

    Best wishes for your family for Christmas and for the New Year, 2014

    The Kershaw Family,

    PS i hope I am not sending you two similar messages as I typed one earlier and i think i lost it! Better two than not at all!
    Thank you for all your replies to the project

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